Casino database software

Casino database software hooters inn and casino

Players club systems are slow, sluggish, and, above all, expensive. DataAce has a powerful, built-in segmentation engine, user-friendly interface, and the ability to generate unique reports that are fully customizable.

Talk to an expert. The RECON Suite organizes all sftware data — whether from mobile, email or direct mail — and creates multiple programs from a single source. In addition to the required entries, data and reviews, it allows the registration of images of guestsas well as guests enter through a magnetic card issued by the respective casino. Video Actionable Information about Your Hotel. Players club systems are slow, sluggish, and, above all, expensive. RECON email does it all for you, triggering as it goes, so your guest receives the ideal email offer in the right place at the casino database software time.

AIM® casino software by Marketing Results, provides database marketing, player development, casino marketing analytics and campaign redemption reports to. DataAce - Analytic Tool & Mail List Compiler. Data-driven results set the criteria for your success. With DataAce, your player's club data is transformed into a. Software package for the reception in casinos. Computer application Care - Casino Database is Firebird SQL server, version Firebird satisfies the ACID.


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